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Even more ideas

There are a lot more places to visit in Bolivia and even more things to do - some of which we have never even tried ourselves. We recommend sticking with the recommendations we provided, but if you are looking for even more inspiration, here are some more ideas.

Paraba Barba Azul

Deep in Beni in the Amazon region, there is a conservation project with blue parrots. We never made it there, but supposedly visiting this place is quite a majestic experience! In October, you will be able to get there by car. Other time of the year you would need to charter a small plane.

Noel Kempff National Park

Towards the north of Santa Cruz, at the border with Brazil, there is a national park that is hard to reach, but is supposedly absolutely stunning. The few operators that offer tours will take you there by plane. If you want to do something very special and have the means to pay for it, this could be it.

Mennonite tour

There are lots of Mennonite colonies around Chiquitania. We always wanted to do a tour to get insights into these fascinating communities, but never got round to do it.

Jaguar tour

Another thing we had on our list, but did manage to do it. The region outside Santa Cruz is the land of the Jaguars. How cool would it be to spot one in the wild?

Finca 4Llamas

We happen to be best friends with the producers of the best coffee in Bolivia. Visiting their farm is allows you to learn the secrets of specialty coffee, and you get to see the beautiful landscapes of the Yungas region.


A scenic, two hour drive from La Paz, this place is in the heart of the Yungas area. We never go to visit, but travellers sometimes back a stop here. You could even continue by boat all the way to Rurrenabaque from here - a spectacular experience as we were told!

Carnaval in Oruro

The carnaval is every year in February, so the wedding will not fall into the right season to go see it. If you ever come back another time, keep the carnaval in mind as an option. The amounts of dancers with colorful costumes is really impressive.

Laguna Corani

A two hour drive from Cochabamba lies Laguna Corani, a beautiful lake. If you happen to drive from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba via the new road, this could be a nice pitstop. You will be surprise to find a place like that in Bolivia.

Villa Tunari

If on the road from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, you should also explore Villa Tunari, which is in the heart of the Chapare region. The road between Villa Tunari and Laguna Corani is very interesting to drive, as you quickly climb from one climate zone to the next.

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