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Potosi is a captivating journey back in time. Once renowned for its natural resources, it still echoes its mining heritage from past times. The city also serves as the gateway to the Altiplano, a perfect stop between Sucre and Uyuni.






How to get here

You can get here either by bus or private taxi from Sucre. They journey should take about 3 hrs.

Things to do

Mines (Cerro Rico)

The most fascinating thing to do in Potosi is to visit the mines in the Cerro Rico. They are still being mined, in conditions that may shock you. And, there are tours to visit them. These tours are not for the faint-hearted. Highly recommended! There are a couple of operators in town. Ask your hotel for a recommendation.


The city center of Potosi (Casco Viejo Central) is quite small, but interesting. If you want to learn more about the cities rich history, visit the Casa de la Moneda.

How to get around

The center is pretty small, you can reach things on foot for the most part.

What to do from here

You will most likely come to Potosi from Sucre. Stay here for at least one full day (or better two if you have the time).

From Potosi, you can transfer to Uyuni, either by bus or private taxi. The ride is stunning!


Hotel Santa Mónica


We never stayed here ourselves, but were told this was a solid hotel. The location is right in the center.

Hostal Colonial Potosi


An option we found online, with great location. If we were to stay in Potosi overnight, we would probably come here.

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