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Refugio Los Volcanes



This is a hidden gem, which is still largely unknown to international travellers and Instagram influencers. We highly recommend a stop at this private lodge, especially if you can spare a couple of days in Santa Cruz.




How to get here

You can get here by car from Santa Cruz in 3 hrs. We can recommend a private driver, who charges 50 USD per ride. If you come in your own car, be aware that the last 2 km are on a tricky dirt road.

Things to do

The landscape is absolutely gorgeous here. There is great hiking in the park. And you can also go for a swim in the creek and the nearby waterfall. Bring comfortable sneakers to hike in and a swim suit. Alternatively, you also just relax at the Refugio and enjoy the quiet and the views.


Refugio Los Volcanes is a private nature park with a lodge. We recommend staying here for two nights. This way you will have a full day at the Refugio itself. The price is 120 USD per person per night, which includes pick up at the entrance, room and food. Booking can be done via their website: Link

How it fits into your itinerary

Plan for the trip to take 3 days overall - assuming you stay at the Refugio for two nights and transit on the 1st and 3rd day.

To continue from the Refugio, you have two options. Either you go back to Santa Cruz, or you go to Samaipata, which is another hour following the same road you came on. If you move by car, you could also consider driving to Cochabamba following the old highway (8 more hours from Samaipata), which is very scenic.

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