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Bolivia is all lamas and Altiplano? Wrong! Rurrenabaque is quite the opposite of that. Nestled in the Amazon basin, this place could not get more green. If you want to see the Bolivian jungle and see lots of animals, this is where you should go. October is a good time to visit before the rainy season starts.






How to get here

The only way to get here is by plane from La Paz. Ecojet offers flights three times per week.

Things to do

Madidi National Park

This is where you can get your jungle experience and enjoy the rain forrest. You will get to hike and see parrots and monkeys and enjoy the landscape. Coming from La Paz, you won't believe that you are still in the same country!

Pampas de Yucuma

The Pampas area hosts an entirely different ecosystem than Madidi. Here you will get to see lots of animals, such as crocodiles, capivaras, monkeys, and if you are lucky, river dolphins and snakes.


There are a bunch of tour operators in town. We suggest you go with Mashaquipe. They offer a bunch of packages combining Madidi and Pampas, plus they are well organised and have good accommodation and food as part of the tour. We recommend the tour with 3 days in Madidi and 2 in Pampas. You can book beforehand and pay once you arrive in Rurrenabaque.

How to get around

If you book a tour with Mashaquipe, they can pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel at the end of the tour.

How it fits into your itinerary

Considering that flights to Rurrenabaque originate from La Paz, it's a logical choice to include a visit to Rurrenabaque after your time in La Paz.

When you opt for a tour with Mashaquipe, you have the convenience of flying in during the morning and commencing your tour straight from the airport. Upon concluding your tour, plan for your departure the following morning, allowing for an additional transit day in addition to the tour duration. Check the flight schedule, as flights are not available every day.


Casa de Campo


You will likely stay in Rurrenabaque town after your tour before you take the plane the next morning. Stay here!

Atarisi Lodge


If you just want to enjoy your surroundings and not do anything for a while, Atarisi Lodge is a nice place to go. However, we find it quite overpriced.

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