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Samaipata is gorgeous. If we had the money to buy a weekend cabin in the countryside, it would be here. The place is nestled in valley surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and has an alternative vibe to it. If you transit from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba by car, you must stop by here.





How to get here

You get here in 3 hours from Santa Cruz by private taxi (we can recommend a driver).

Things to do

Amboro National Park

Towards the north, Amboro National Park is located. There are several tour operators in town offering trips to the park. We recommend visiting the giant ferns, which combine seeing those fascinating plants with a beautiful hike in a gorgeous forrest.


There is lots of hiking you can do in Samaipata. Besides the one to the giant ferns, there are others, such as the one to the condor lookout (Nido de Condores), which was recommended to us.

Fuerte de Samaipata

Many visitors go see the Fuerte, an archeological Inca site. If this is your sort of thing, you should go for a visit.

How to get around

In the center, you can walk everywhere. If you stay a bit outside, you can easily reach the center by taxi.

How it fits into your itinerary

We recommend a minimum of two days here, but you could easily stay longer and enjoy the relaxing vibes of Samaipata for a couple of days more.

There are two ways to include Samaipata in your itinerary: Either you arrive from Santa Cruz and return there, or you continue on the same road all the way to Cochabamba. The old highway to Cochabamba is an absolute delight to drive (7 hours) with ever-changing, stunning landscapes.

If you decide to return to Santa Cruz, and only have a few days to spare, then you might want to consider Refugio Los Volcanes instead.


Finca La Vispera


Besides offering the best hotel option, Finca La Vispera also has a great restaurant, especially for brunches.


Pizza, Bolivian

We really like the pizza here, but they also have all kinds of other options.


Finca La Víspera


Come here! What a beautiful place, what a relaxing vibe. You will find it hard to leave and explore the rest of Samaipata. Highlights are the big garden and the restaurant with amazing brunch options. Don't miss the short walk up to El Trono.

Hotel Boutique El Pueblito


This is a nice plan B option in case La Víspera is full.

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