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What a special place - we got engaged here! Tarija is beautiful, chill and the locals are very nice. Tarija also happens to be Bolivia's wine region. Do not miss the classic wine tour, and try the best steaks in Bolivia. Make sure you take advantage of all the goodies here.





How to get here

You can get here by plane from Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, or La Paz. Tarija is a bit isolated from the rest of Bolivia - coming here by car or bus would be cumbersome.

Things to do

Wine Tour

Most visitors do one of the half day wine tours. You get to enjoy the vineyards, the landscape around Tarija, and most importantly the local wines. We recommend the one from Aranjuez.

Singani Tour

Instead of a wine tour, you could also consider a Singani tour. You can learn more about Bolivia's national drink. Go with Casa Real.

Chorros de Marquiri

Tarija is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. If you have an extra day to spare we recommend visiting Chorros de Marquiri, a beautiful valley with an impressive waterfall at the end. Ask at your hotel desk for tour operators - we recommend Viva Tours (+591 65826498).

Walk around town

Tarija is a lovely town. Everything is a bit slower here and the locals are very friendly. Go for a walk around town, and do not miss the Mercado Central.

How to get around

You can easily move around town by taxi.

How it fits into your itinerary

Given its location in the far South of Bolivia, Tarija is not easily combined with other locations. You will most likely fly in and out, which means it can follow any visit of Cochabamba, La Paz or Santa Cruz. Alternatively, you could travel south get into Argentina from here. You may also be able to somehow combine Tarija with Tupiza and Uyuni.

If you do come here, plan for a minimum of 2 days in Tarija.


El Viejo Taco


Our favourite in Tarija when it comes steak. They have great cuts from Argentina. Lovely place, with buffet.

Fogón de Gringo


A classic in Tarija. You cannot go wrong with this one.


Coffee, Brunch, Sandwiches

A fantastic brunch or lunch option. They have lots of delicious options on the menu.

Macondo Pizza Pazza


Really good for pizza and wine. Fridays they have music/dance shows.


Los Parrales


The best hotel in town. Very comfortable, lovely view. Big pool and helpful staff to organise tours.

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