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Besides Uyuni, Titicaca is another place that is quite known internationally. For a good reason - the Isla del Sol is stunning and believed to be the cradle of the Inca civilisation. The journey here may take a bit of an effort, but you will be well rewarded.





How to get here

To get here, you will start from La Paz. Getting here individually, is not too easy, as you would need to get a bus ride to Copacabana, and from there continue to Isla del Sol by boat. The easiest way to transfer all the way from La Paz to Isla del Sol, is by booking a tour package.

Things to do

Enjoy the landscapes

To take full advantage of your surroundings, you can go for various walks. We recommend the trek from the southern village of Yumani to the northern village of Challapampa. You will get to see the entire island. However, be aware of the altitude - walking tends to be surprisingly intense at 4,000 meters.

Discover the Inca history

Explore Inca history with a visit to its ancient ruins. This island, believed to be the Inca civilisation's birthplace, hosts several well-preserved archaeological sites you can visit.


Coming to Isla del Sol individually is somewhat cumbersome, especially if you want to maximise your time in Bolivia. We therefore recommend coming here as part of a tour package, which makes the transit much more relaxed.

There are lots of tour companies in La Paz offering trips to Titicaca. We have an excellent contact who offers all inclusive private tours - reach out if interested.

How it fits into your itinerary

The start and end points of your visit to Titicaca will be La Paz. It therefore makes sense to go there either immediately before or after your visit of La Paz.

Expect the entire visit to take 3 days including transit - this way you spend one full day on Isla del Sol from sunrise to sunset. Going any shorter would make the trip feel rushed and you would spend too much time in transit. You could add an extra day on Isla del Sol if you want to take things slow.

Alternatively, you could also enter into Peru from here and head towards Cusco and Machu Picchu.


Posada del Inca


There are quite a few nice hotel options on Isla del Sol. This one is probably the nicest though.

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