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A lesser known national park, Torotoro is a beautiful option to visit out of Cochabamba. You can see canyons, caves and even dinosaur footprints. If you want to get off the beaten track and add a unique landscape to your itinerary, we suggest you come here.





How to get here

You can get to Torotoro from Cochabamba by car or by bus (as part of a tour). The ride takes up to 3 hours. We have the contact of an excellent driver from Torotoro - reach out if interested.

Things to do

Ciudad de Itas

This is our personal favourite. On a 2 hour hike, you can visit the "City of Rocks". The ride there is already very scenic, and during the hike you get to see rock formations and beautiful views. Just like with any sites in Torotoro, you will need to get a local guide to join you.

El Vergel

This is a nice 3 hours walk to see the Torotoro canyon. You can add a descent down to the El Vergel waterfall. At the beginning of the walk, the guide will show you the dinosaur tracks that were found all around Torotoro.

How it fits into your itinerary

Given that the only way to reach Torotoro is from Cochabamba, it would make sense to come here either before or after the wedding.

The minimum duration of the trip, including transit, is two days (with one night in Torotoro). If you want to take it slow, you can add another day.


Rumi Kipu


This must be the best hotel option in town. Run by a retired Swiss lady, it combines Swiss professionalism with Bolivian charm


El Molino Lodging - Restaurant


Torotoro does not have any particularly good food options - be careful not to get food poisoning. If you stay at Rumi Kipu, it is best to have your meals there. El Molino is a decent option in town - food is quite safe to eat.

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