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The Salar de Uyuni might be Bolivia's top sight. If you do not have much time besides the wedding, come here. It is an absolutely breathtaking experience - from the salt flat to the colored lagoons and the herds of lamas and alpacas. Just incredible!






How to get here

There are two ways to get here. The easiest is to fly in as there is an airport. You can fly in from anywhere, but from Cochabamba or La Paz is the easiest as there are direct flights - check the schedule though as flights are not daily. A second option would be to arrive by car or bus from Sucre/Potosi.

Things to do

The obvious thing to do here is to go on a tour to visit the salt flat and the coloured lakes - and absolute must-do! We recommend a 3 day tour (or more if you are up for it). Be prepared for lots of driving. But it is all well worth it because you get to see stunning landscapes.

Keep in mind that you are now on the Altiplano. During the tour, you will get up to 5,000 meters, and temperatures can go below 10 degrees. And the sun is very strong - sun glasses are an absolute must!


There are lot of different tour agencies offering tours to the salt flat and the coloured lagoons, none of which are cheap. You get what you pay for - there are expensive packages that organize private tours, good food and comfortable accommodation. There are also other options that are more economical, but may not be as comfy and not private.

If you can afford it, we recommend you with Hidalgo. They are expensive, but well worth it: Link (ask for the 3-days 3 nights option). With Hidalgo, you should ideally book in advance.

If you fly in, you can start your tour directly from the airport in Uyuni at 10 in the morning. If you arrive by bus/taxi from Potosi and need to stay for an extra night in Uyuni, go to Hotel Jardines de Uyuni. It belongs to Hidalgo Tours and is the best hotel in town with the best restaurant in town (Tika). Book your tour such that you spend the night after the tour in one of the salt hotels. On the next day, they will drop you off at the airport or you continue your journey.

How it fits into your itinerary

Assuming you do a 3-day tour, you will have to calculate spending 5 days in total on your Uyuni adventure, with 2 days as transit days.

There are a couple of ways in which you can integrate Uyuni in your trip. Either 1) as a standalone and you fly in by plane, or 2) you arrive by bus or private taxi after visiting Sucre and Potosi - and if so, the next stop in your tour would likely be La Paz.

Alternatively, you could also enter into Chile from here and do a combined tour including the Atacama desert.

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